Experts in bespoke interior design

When at all possible we create bespoke joinery and bespoke upholstery for our clients because we believe it to be the best way to achieve the seamless and elegant look they come to us for. The endless fabric selections and different finish options give you full control over the look of the piece and working with our clients we achieve perfectly suited furniture every time. But why should you think about having bespoke interior design? Read on for our top five things to consider when deciding to shop on the high street or not.

Always unique

If you are looking for a precise finish, perhaps a particular shade of antiqued glass, wood finish or fabric design having something created from scratch is the perfect way to fit your brief. With hundreds of fabric selections and finishes to choose from your furniture maker will have swatches and samples to help visualise the piece and often can create a unique finish, just for you. This is a fantastic service when matching to existing pieces of furniture or re-creating something you have seen, perhaps in your favourite hotel.

Excellent craftsmanship

The talent of our furniture makers and bespoke upholsters will surpass the high street stores resulting in quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Made to very high standard each piece will be hand built preventing any factory faults that occur when producing en masse furniture.

Perfect fit

The made to measure nature of bespoke furniture is especially good when you have an awkward space. Perhaps an alcove that isn’t square or a small nook that you would like to add a storage solution to, with bespoke joinery it’s possible to build the piece around the space resulting in a seamless furniture design that ticks all the boxes.

Creative solutions

A specialist trades person will be able to take the ideas you have from a concept to a beautiful addition to your home. With years of experience they will be able to guide you to help you make the most of the space and enhance your home. They will be able to suggest different options, fabric selections and creatively think outside the box to achieve something beyond your expectations.

Endless possibilities

A large shaped dining table, original artwork to hand in a particular spot, a headboard to your exact specifications or the most comfortable sofa built just for your proportions. Anything is possible with bespoke joinery and the help of professional craftsmen specialising in bespoke interior design.

We have a close-knit team of specialists that we work closely with to create items that not only stand the test of time but are beautiful and unique. Embarking on a project like this can be rather overwhelming and daunting but we are on hand to take the pressure off so you can sit back and enjoy the process. If you have a space you would like to add a piece to or would like a new bespoke sofa in time for the summer, get in touch and we will be happy to help.