James Lawrenson Interior Design Studio visits Eichholtz

Those of you with a keen eye will notice that this is our second visit to the Eichholtz showroom. You can read about our first experience last year in a previous journal entry but we couldn’t wait to get back to see all the newness that had been designed. An invitation-only event hosted by Houseology was the perfect excuse for a trip to their showroom in The Netherlands. One of our favourite brands to work with, Eichholtz is a business-to-business seller of luxury furniture, lighting design, soft furnishings and accessories. Every piece is beautiful and reflects our Interior Design Studio core value of excellence.

Walking around their vast showroom with more than 40 large room sets is a pleasure and to see first-hand the quality of the items we continue to specify for our projects is so valuable. Each piece is beautiful and lends itself perfectly to our signature style, sitting alongside our bespoke soft furnishings and furniture effortlessly.

The lighting design on display was impressive with their large chandeliers and exquisite cut glass table lamps adorning beautiful sideboards and tables. The size of each piece is perfectly balanced, adding a real statement to any space. We particularly like the way items were grouped for maximum impact, five chandeliers hung in a group and two or four coffee tables sat side by side to create a statement, beautifully styled with signature Eichholtz accessories.

Neutral tones were a theme running throughout each display with beautiful sofas and chairs packed with gorgeous soft furnishings in a variety of textures to create a sumptuous and luxurious scheme without feeling cluttered. Their design team was on hand to answer questions and give more in-depth details about each piece and the influences of each style within the collection.

Lamps and accessories finished off each room set with just the right amount of items to fill each shelf creating a wonderfully interesting space. We love to use their accessories and soft furnishings in our schemes as they pair so well together and are often unusual shapes and finishes. The scale of the items is also fantastic as the collections boast very large table lamps and chandeliers which fill a big space beautifully. The lighting design is one of the reasons we love this brand so much as the pieces are always a statement.

Groups of accessories in a variety of sizes are placed together to create interest and add height to a group of low coffee tables. For instance, several pillar candles sat on large glass bases next to a large vase of flowers are elegant and a simple idea to add interest, where just one on its own would look lost. We emulate this theme in our Interior Design Studio when adding accessories for texture and height. This shows that good lighting design is just as important when considering low level, atmospheric lighting like candles.

James would like to personally thank the Houseology and Eichholtz teams for a memorable trip. We were specifying items as soon as we got back to the Interior Design Studio and we look forward to seeing these pieces installed in our projects.