Why choose made to measure?

We adore flicking through a magazine and seeing a pair of really top-quality curtains or a sumptuous roman blind dressing a window. But how do you achieve this look in your own home? Window treatments are one of our specialties and our made to measure service is a fantastic way to enhance your space. It can seem a little overwhelming when trying to choose the right fabric and the correct style so why not explore your options with our Interior Designer on hand to offer their expertise.

Experts in bespoke interior design

When at all possible we create bespoke joinery and bespoke upholstery for our clients because we believe it to be the best way to achieve the seamless and elegant look they come to us for. The endless fabric selections and different finish options give you full control over the look of the piece and working with our clients we achieve perfectly suited furniture every time. But why should you think about having bespoke interior design? Read on for our top five things to consider when deciding to shop on the high street or not.

Home styling to get your home spring ready

With the unseasonably warm weather we were treated to in February followed by a windy and wet March, spring seems to have sprung early this year and mother nature seems a little confused. But with Eater upon us and the May bank holidays to look forward to it’s the perfect time to invite spring into your home. Through the use of decorative accessories and soft furnishings, add a little flare to your home with our top five home styling tips.

London Design Week 2019

We always consider ourselves on top of the trends for interior furnishings. Whether it be the latest designs by our favourite brands or new techniques for producing quality bespoke interior design, we aim to bring the very best of the design world to our clients. Throughout the year we visit exhibitions, events and shows to scout out the very best the market has to offer, and this year is no exception.

Top tips for home styling

At James Lawrenson Interiors we like to keep our schemes calm and inviting, free from clutter. However, a few chosen decorative accessories styled together with your interior furnishings can create an interesting talking point and finish a room off beautifully. Over doing things can however cause chaos and undo all the hard work you have put into your overall scheme. We have compiled a few pointers to help add those finishing touches.


Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is universally recognised as a primary destination for creative excellence, bringing together thousands of tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, architecture and style.

Focus is one of my favourite events in the autumn trade show calendar and one that I look forward to with much anticipation.


For me, artwork is an intrinsic part of any interior scheme.

It sets the scene and can give impact to an otherwise dull space. Scale is as important as content. Get it wrong and a piece will lose all of its grandeur and impact becoming lost in an expansive surrounding space.

For this reason, I tend to have bespoke artwork made for each project, prints are scaled to the space and canvas paintings are commissioned to suit the colours and layout of the scheme.


What’s a sofa without a stylish cushion arrangement? Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes – a way to dress up, dress down or style any sofa just as you’d like it. 

A new set of cushions can revive an older sofa, change up your style and even transform a whole sofa arrangement. Don’t underestimate the power of these sofa staples whichever way you style them.