Top tips for home styling

At James Lawrenson Interiors we like to keep our schemes calm and inviting, free from clutter. However, a few chosen decorative accessories styled together with your interior furnishings can create an interesting talking point and finish a room off beautifully. Over doing things can however cause chaos and undo all the hard work you have put into your overall scheme. We have compiled a few pointers to help add those finishing touches. Here are our top tips for home styling:

Group items

Lay all items you think you would like to put in the space together on a table or on the floor. Divide them into large, medium and small sizes and place varying size items in groups within your space. We think odd numbers work best and groups of three in particular, so try this first when displaying items.

One metal finish

Whether it be chrome, gold or brass keeping to one finish creates a cohesive look. You might start with a mirror frame and style everything else to compliment which will draw the space together.

Mix of old and new

If you are undergoing a home renovation or simply refreshing a space you have an opportunity to purchase some new decorative accessories to place alongside some of your most beloved pieces. This can be difficult as some of your existing items may not fit into your new scheme so don’t be afraid to choose a few that do and place the others in a different room or away for safe keeping.


Use a variety of textures within your decorative accessories to create further interest. Hard finishes such as wood, metal and stone have a ‘heavy’ appearance whereas foliage, leather and textiles soften the look. It’s always good to use a mixture to bring interest and depth to your interior furnishings.


Your colour may lean towards a neutral palette but you can still add a small amount of colour throughout your property using accessories. Glass and textiles are a fantastic way to add colour to your scheme without over powering the calming effect created with a neutral palette. Adding colour can also help your home styling feel less clinical and adds some personality to your space too.


Using a variation of heights is also pleasing to the eye and adds further interest to your space. Try some very tall items placed on the floor such as plants and sculptures to add drama and lower pieces for smaller surfaces.

Whenever finishing off a scheme with decorative accessories place a few items in the space and then step back to look at it from a distance to take it in with the surrounding interior furnishings. This will help prevent over styling.