Why velvet is our favourite fabric selection!

Velvet has had a huge resurgence in popularity the last few years, once thought of as old fashioned it is now firmly on the map for interior designers the world over. We love using velvet in our schemes and with so many options available to us why wouldn’t we? It brings an opulent touch, drapes very well and is so soft to touch that it has to be one of our favourite fabric selections. Here are our top five reasons for using the different types of velvet in our soft furnishings:

These days you can find any colour shade in a fabric library and velvet is no exception. However, the depth of colour that can be achieved using velvet compared to other fabric selections is fantastic. In part this is due to the length of the pile cut, which provides areas of shading and therefore depth, as well as the way the fabric takes they dye. If you are searching for a strong coloured, sumptuous fabric to use in your soft furnishings a velvet is the first place to look.

Silk velvet has a beautiful luster and is extremely soft to touch. It is perfect for curtains as it drapes very well, it is also a fantastic fabric for soft furnishings. We love to use silk velvets wherever possible as they really bring a scheme to life.

Nylon velvets unlike their silk cousins are very easy to care for and more lightweight. They are perfect for roman blinds and due to their hard wearing nature are suited to all soft furnishings including upholstery. They are easy to look after, often marking less, meaning they are a good choice for those that don’t like the marks that can occur when velvet is sat on. However, we believe these to be all part of the character of a piece, built up over time and use.

Velveteen and Plush velvets have a longer pile length and therefore are extremely luxurious in their appearance. We like to use these on bespoke cushions as the pile can shade quite a lot if used on upholstery. They are also very soft to touch and are the perfect addition to a living room or bedroom scheme.

Velvet microfibre is another fantastic fabric selection for upholstery, especially in high traffic areas like a dining area or family rooms. Made from polyester it resists stains and dirt and is easier to look after. It also is very soft and provides the sumptuous look even in those areas you may have been to afraid to use it before.

With modern fabric techniques you really can use velvet anywhere in your home, with the added bonus of many brands now producing velvet fabric that is inherently stain and water resistant, there is no need to worry about sticky fingers or the odd spill either! As well as a fantastic choice of colours there are endless pattern designs, using new printing techniques and some beautiful fabrics that even incorporate embroidery on top of the velvet, or areas cut away to produce an embossed effect.

With so many choices, why not explore the use of velvet in your home with bespoke cushions or upholstery to enhance the luxurious feeling.